Best Alternative For Showbox Movie App

Showbox is the best app for all the platforms and is available for free download. In the recent days, some servers of Showbox got crashed as it has lack of developers. So, users of Showbox got vexed and started searching for Showbox alternatives. However, the Showbox servers got recovered but the hunt for Showbox alternatives to watch movies never ended.

It is always the best option to keep an alternative to watch movies. Today you can select the best app of all the showbox alternatives available in the respective platforms. So, you can use these alternatives for watching movies and TV shows for free.

There are 8best alternative apps to showbox which are listed below for choosing as an alternative and are described with pros and cons next to the listings.

  1. Terrarium TV
  2. Playbox HD App
  3. Sky HD App
  4. Crackle App
  5. Cartoon HD App
  6. Popcorn Time App


Terrarium TV:  Terrarium TV is the best alternative to Showbox app. You can install Terraium TV on Android using latest Terrarium TV APK. And you can also donwload Terrarium TV For PC usign the terrarium tv apk.


Other Installation Processes:


Playbox HD App-


Playbox HD is a complete power pack app for both old and new movies. It is a hot app which is nearer to Showbox. The interface of the Playbox HD app almost resembles the Showbox app. The servers of the Playbox HD app are never down and can be streamed any time. The searching for the movies is very simple and can be done from the search bar above. You can stream as well as download the movies at any resolution. You can also watch movies with specific resolution saving your data. Playbox app is only available for Android and IOS devices.

Sky HD App-

Sky HD app is also an alternative to Showbox app and is being developed by HD Cinema application developers. Even this app has got a huge collection of movies and tv serials that can both be streamed and downloaded. This Sky HD App is only available for android developers. It is an open source application and can be ported to IOS and Windows devices but lack of developers is the main reason for its demise.

Crackle App-

Crackle app is the best alternative compared to many other apps in my own perspective. Crackle app has got immense collection of movies and tv serials. The active users of this app is almost 35 million users and most of them are from the United States and Canada.

The special feature that this app is featuring is the wish list feature. You have come across your favorite movie and you have no time to watch the movie or download the movie. You can easily add the movie to the wish list and close the app. Even after you open the app, the movie remains in the wish list and can be downloaded or streamed. The process remains the same for tv serials also. This Crackle app is available for both Android and IOS devices.

Cartoon HD App-

Cartoon HD app is an application used to view cartoons the most. This app also features huge collection of movies and tv shows like all other apps. This app is mostly downloaded from the people in United Kingdom. This app is best alternative to showbox if your choice is streaming or downloading cartoons and movies. This Cartoon HD app is available only for IOS devices.

Popcorn Time-

Popcorn Time is also a suitable alternative to the users in all the platforms. This app is specially designed to LINUX users which is ported further to both Android and IOS devices. The qualities of this app resembles all the other apps but this app has got a huge number of votes from the people.